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Admissions and registrations

Enrollment in the first year and subsequent years, enrollment in single courses and by the abbreviation

Admission to the first year

Are you thinking of enrolling in Mechanical or Management Engineering courses?

The DIMEG teachers and directors of the teaching office are available to meet interested people to clarify any doubts regarding admission procedures, the subjects studied, and professional opportunities. Click (preferably from a PC and with Chrome) on the links to the virtual rooms shown in the table

When Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 to 12:00
Where (link to virtual room)
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Where to find more informationmanagement mechanical 
Who to write to for clarifications on study



(duration 3 years) 
(duration 3 years) 
Seats available120120
Expires May 30, 2022
More information
Ranking criterion Score obtained in the online Tolc@casa test (minimum 9 points)
(duration 3 years) 
(duration 3 years) 
Seats available (at least) 88(at least) 119
Application deadline 26 August 2022 at 13:00
TOLC-I (UNICAL dates) 30 and 31 August 2022
1 and 2 September 2022
More information
Criteria for the rankingThe rankings will be formulated on the basis of the score obtained in the Test On Line CISIA - TOLC-I test and the diploma mark.
The ranking of each degree program will be drawn up on the basis of the score obtained in the TOLC-I without a minimum pass threshold.
Candidates who do not take the TOLC-I will be placed at the end of the rankings compared to those who have taken the TOLC-I and will be sorted according to the degree mark
OFAThe TOLC-I will be used for the purposes of verifying initial preparation and also for the attribution of any Additional Educational Obligations (OFA).
The Additional Educational Obligation will be awarded to those who have not answered exactly at least 6 of the 20 questions in the "mathematics" section.
Extinction OFAThe OFA will be fulfilled by acquiring at least 6 credits in disciplines of the mathematics area (disciplinary scientific sectors from MAT/02 to MAT/09) within the first year, or by passing the final test of the mathematics pre-course organized by the University.
Students who do not complete their compulsory additional learning within the first year will not be able to take any exams in the second and third years until the compulsory completion and will be subject to specific tutoring activities.
Failure to take the test to verify adequate initial preparation is equivalent to its negative outcome, with the contextual attribution of the OFA to the absent student.
Who to write to for clarifications on the announcement and admission

Enrollment in subsequent years

Students already enrolled at the University of Calabria must renew their enrollment annually by simply paying the first installment of university fees (info on the University portal).

Admission to DIMEG Master's Degree Courses

The announcement for admission to master's degrees is published in July.

Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering can choose between a master's degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in energy engineering. For some years now, the study plans have been reorganized so that, with the inclusion of suitable elective exams in the three-year course, management graduates can also enroll in energy without educational debits.

Applicants with a three-year degree from an Italian university belonging to any class who meet the curricular requirements and pass the test for verifying adequate personal preparation can participate in the competition. Participation in the call is allowed even if the admission qualification has not yet been obtained, provided that all the exams are passed by 12/31/22 and the qualification is obtained within the deadlines set for the 2021/2021 academic year 22. Before obtaining the admission qualification it will not be possible to take exams for the master's degree. More information is available here

PLACES AVAILABLE FOR THE Academic Year 2022-2023

Degree in Energy Engineering (Classe LM 30) = 54

Master's Degree in Management Engineering (Classe LM 31) = 108

Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Class LM 33) = 72

The number of places may be increased following the failure to complete the enrollment of the winners in the Call which regulates the early admission of non-EU students for the a.y. 2022/23 and following any waivers.

Each candidate must meet the following Curricular Requirements set out in the Admission Announcement Attachment_DIMEG.



There are three stages of admission:

  • Early admission: from 15 June to 5 July 2022
  • Standard Admission: September 1 to September 16, 2022
  • Allocation of remaining places: from 1 December to 10 December 2022

Candidates who aspire to gain admission to master's degree courses must:

  1. Register on (only if not already registered);
  2. select Menu, Secretariat, and then Calls for admission
  3. fill in the application for participation in the competition (if the qualification required for admission is obtained after the call deadline, select the "not obtained" qualification item)

For candidates who opt for the "Advanced Industrial Engineering" curriculum in English for the Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, it is necessary to fill in the following form and send it by email by 31 December 2022 to the following address: Completion of the form is required for both enrollment phases (September and December).



Verification of personal preparation is mandatory and can only be accessed by candidates who meet the curricular requirements.

Candidates who will graduate from other universities must attach the declaration referred to in format n.2 to ESSE3.

The dates and methods for carrying out the tests for verifying the adequate personal preparation of EU candidates wherever resident and non-EU candidates legally residing in Italy, for all Master's degree courses, will be communicated later by means of a notice on the department website www.dimeg. and, in any case, by the day before the test is held.

Caution. The procedures for admission to the Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Engineering have changed! For the purpose of verifying the adequate personal preparation of graduate candidates who meet the curricular requirements, the Commission for admission to the Master's Degree Course will define a score out of 100 calculated using the degree mark, the time taken to obtain the degree, and the candidate's resume. The candidate will be able to access the admission ranking directly if he reaches a score higher than 33/100 (thirty-three cents). For the purpose of verifying the adequate personal preparation of non-graduated candidates who meet the curricular requirements, the commission for admission to the Master's Degree Course will assess the average mark of the exams taken on the date set for the relative admission phase. The candidate will be able to access the admission ranking directly if he reaches an average grade greater than or equal to 22/30. The candidate who does not pass the aforementioned thresholds will be subjected to a check of personal preparation according to what is reported in the call for admission. When submitting the application, candidates must attach the following formto them3.

For more information see the following link.



The first semester courses will start on 26 September 2022 for the master's degree courses in Mechanical and Energy Engineering and on 10 October 2022 for the master's degree course in Management Engineering.

Single courses and course abbreviation

For enrollment in single training activities or for a shortening of the course (for those in possession of a university degree), a specific application must be submitted to the teaching office of the Department as indicated in the following forms.


Those in possession of a university degree, or have a previous university career, can request recognition of the training activities undertaken and enrollment in a year following the first


By August 31st

Who decides

Stdy Course Council

Tax amount to be paid

Go o Fees and Exemptions

Bear in mind that

When enrolling in a master's degree course, credits that were necessary for the achievement of the qualification (degree or equivalent) useful for admission to the master's degree course cannot be validated. Credits acquired in excess in the previous path, or acquired in additional study paths not used for access to the master's degree course, can be validated

It is possible to submit an application for enrollment in individual training activities, activated as part of the study courses, to supplement one's university or professional curriculum without the obligation to enroll in the study course that issues the academic title


Fill out the application on Esse3(User manual)


Within a week before the start of lessons: for enrollment in courses provided in the first academic period of the A.Y. 2022/2023 the deadline is set at 26 September 2022

Who and when decides

The acceptance of the application is the responsibility of the Department Council which evaluates, among other things, any propaedeutic skills or skills required for access and availability of the teaching resources available, also in consideration of the number of students attending

Tax amount to be paid

€16.50 + €15 for each credit

The amounts paid for enrollment in individual courses are non-refundable

Bear in mind that

In an academic year, you can enroll in individual training activities for a maximum of 33 credits. Registration refers to the entire activity and is not permitted for individual modules.

At the conclusion of the lessons of the training activities, the student has the right to take the relative assessment tests for the five sessions, both ordinary and extraordinary, immediately following the attendance of the same activities.

Attendance and any credits acquired may be recognized if the student subsequently enrolls in a study program


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