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Vision and Mission

Our department promotes basic, applied, and industrial research activities and supports national and international partnerships with universities and businesses and services.

The Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering Department stands as an elective institution to promote the development of the territory in terms of process, product, and service innovation, as well as the design, organization, and management of complex systems, investing in emerging sectors with a higher content of innovation (for example, Business Process Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Industry 4.0) and consolidating its leadership in traditional sectors (Mechanical Design, Material Technologies, Energy Systems, Industrial Production Systems, Transport Logistics, Healthcare Systems, and Services).

DIMEG Professors and Researchers are founding members of numerous academic Spin-Offs, many of which are still operating at their own facilities, which have been operating successfully for several years at national and international levels, making the most of the Department's knowledge assets. They are also promoters of consortia whose objective is the development of research, to which universities, research centers, and companies adhere.

Among the primary objectives, is the continuous commitment to translating scientific developments and research results into university higher education.