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Bacheca Corsi di Studio

Avvisi, calendari delle lezioni, sedute di laurea dei corsi di studio del Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica, Energetica e Gestionale.


Published: 24/04/2023, 09:42
Appello aggiuntivo

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Class Schedule

Management Engineering1st year   2nd year3rd year
Mechanical engineering1st year2nd year3rd year

Exam Calendar

Management EngineeringClick here for the calendar
Mechanical EngineeringClick here for the calendar

Energy EngineeringClick here for the calendar
Management EngineeringClick here for the calendar
Mechanical EngineeringClick here for the calendar

Graduation sessions of the Study Programmes

Fulfillments necessary for the discussion of the Thesis / Final Examination

End of course question

To register for the graduation session, it is necessary to connect to the address and go to the "graduate" section.

Once the application has been completed, the student checks on his Esse3 profile that the receipt is present and attaches the following documents:

- Self-certification of pending charges of the residential center downloadable from here

- Receipt of completing the AlmaLaureaquestionnaire

It is possible to digitally sign the documents so as not to print the documentation unnecessarily.


The pending charges of the library will be verified directly by the student secretariat.

At the conclusion of the procedure, a parchment release fee of 50 euros will be generated which must be paid, via pagoPA, within 3 days of completing the graduation application.

The student is required to respect the following administrative deadlines:

- must complete the graduation application on Esse3 within 30 days of the graduation session

- within 10 days of the announcement, they must ensure that they have all the exams loaded correctly in their career

- within 10 days of the graduation session, they will have to upload the final thesis to Esse3, which will then be signed by the supervisor

In the event that the student is unable to participate in the graduation session for which he is registered, he must notify the student secretariat as soon as possible by email to (Management) and ivana.donato@unical. it (Mechanics and Energetics)

Documents must be submitted for each graduation session.

A provisional title can be written on the end-of-course application if it is not possible to insert the definitive one. As soon as the title becomes definitive, the student will have to modify it within 10 days of the announcement.

For shared information, it is advisable to connect to the Facebook group


Uffici Didattici dei Corsi di Studio - DIMEG
Dott.ssa Maria Rosa Taccone
Cubo 42C - piano 7

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