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Ph.D. in Civil and Industrial Engineering (DICI)

The Ph.D. in Civil and Industrial Engineering (DICI) was born from the experience of the "Pitagora" Doctoral School in Engineering Sciences. DICI aims at establishing a solid methodological culture, obtained through the provision of level III courses and seminars held by eminent personalities of the national and international scientific scene, which will be accompanied by ad personal scientific paths, based on the conduct of laboratory activities and research, at the University or other national and international structures.

The proposal is structured in two curricula:

  • Civil engineering;
  • Industrial engineering.

The educational objectives of DICI are:

  • advanced inter/multidisciplinary training in the field of civil and industrial engineering;
  • preparation for basic and applied scientific research;
  • interaction with the international scientific community;
  • the development of an innovative and autonomous research capacity, in terms of both scientific study, the acquisition and management of funds for basic and applied research, and technology transfer.

The teaching will refer in particular to linguistic, mathematical, and IT improvement, as well as to research management and knowledge of European and international systems for the exploitation of research results and intellectual property.


Expected occupational and professional opportunities

In Western countries, the growth of human capital skills is now recognized as one of the main elements of competitiveness. In development models for post-industrial systems, the success factors are no longer to be found in the maximization of production capacity, but in the capacity for innovation and in the quality of the products made. Therefore, the institution of the Doctorate and the specific educational values ​​have been designed and implemented to train a professional with greater specialist knowledge, capable of developing methodologies useful for promoting and managing both product and process innovation activities and research in the various fields of Civil and Industrial Engineering.

The educational offer, characterized by the interdisciplinarity and sustainability of the proposed activities, will provide PhDs with the opportunity to carry out research activities in public and private institutes, as well as to carry out, in a specialized way, professional activities in the public and private sector, in phases of design, management, use and marketing of the final product. In particular, reference will be made to infrastructure, management, and territorial planning for the civil curriculum, and to technologies and production control for the industrial curriculum.