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DIMEG Studios, Classrooms, Laboratories, and Meeting Rooms.

40C cube
 Room P1 (vehicle bridge floor)
41B cube
 Classroom DS4 (Ground Floor)
Cube 41C
 7th and 8th floors - Studies in Operations Research and Economic-Management Engineering - LIME Laboratory
Cube 42C
  7th Floor - Studies of Electrical Energy Systems - Laser Section
7th floor - Teaching offices
8th Floor - Economic-Management Engineering Studies
43B cube
 Consolidated Room 43B
Cube 43C
 Classrooms P3-P4 (Driveway Bridge Floor) - Consolidated Room B
44C cube
 1st floor - Classrooms M1-M2-M3 - Student bathrooms
2nd floor Room M4 - Seminar room - Student toilets - Bathroom
3rd Floor - Industrial and Environmental Technical Physics
4th Floor - Design and Construction of Machines
5th Floor - Fluid Machines - Energy Systems
44D cube
  LASER laboratory
45C cube
 Ground Floor - Machine Tools Section - Membership Section
1st Floor - Technical Physics Studies - Industrial Design - Mecc. Appl.
2nd Floor - Technical Physics Studies - Industrial Design
3rd Floor - Industrial Plant Studies - Mechanical Technology
4th Floor - Mechanical Technology Studies - Applied Mechanics
45D cube
 MechLab laboratory
46C cube
 Ground Floor - Technical Physics Sections
1st floor - Student administration office - Meeting room
2nd floor - Administrative Secretariat
3rd Floor - Industrial Design Studies

Classroom Location FloorSeating 
43B (Consolidated)Cube 43BPedestrian Bridge 280
B (Consolidated)Cube 43CPedestrian Bridge 280
P1Cube 40CVehicle Bridge 120
P3Cube 43CVehicle Bridge 120
P4Cube 43CVehicle Bridge 120
M1Cube 44CI Floor 72
M2Cube 44CI Floor 65
M3Cube 44CI Floor 72
M4Cube 44CII Floor 40
DS4Cube 41BGround Floor 60
Auletta 46CCube 46CGround Floor 24

Room Location Floor Seating
Lobby M Cube 44CGround Floor -

Room Location Floor Seating
Meeting Room Cube 46CII Floor 14
Seminar RoomCube 44CI Floor 60

Laboratory Location Supervisor No. of places
Mech-LAB ​​Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering45C - ground floor III and V floor; 45D - ground floor; 46C - 1st floor.Prof. Leonardo Pagnotta-
LASER Laboratory for Application of Smart Energy and Renewables44C - V floor; 44 D - ground floor; 45 C - III floor; 46C - ground floor; 41 C - VII floor; Central Technological Areas of the Multifunctional; Adjacent DIMEG parking area.Prof. Sergio Bova-
LIME Laboratory of Innovation and Management Engineering41 C - VII and VIII floors; 42 C - VII and VIII floors; 45 C - III floorProf. Domenico Conforti-
LabInfo Educational laboratory Engineering Area40B floor 7-2 classrooms with 40 seats

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