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The Mechanical, Energy, and Management Engineering Department coordinates the teaching activities of the Bachelor’s and Master's degree programs, as well as the post-graduate training offer and research.

The Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering (DIMEG) was founded in 2013 as part of the reorganization of the Departments of the University of Calabria, from the unification of the Department of Mechanical Engineering with some sections of the Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems and of the of Business Sciences.

Currently, the DIMEG staff consists of about sixty teachers, twenty technicians and administrators, seventy collaborators in various capacities (postdocs, fellows, tutors, etc.) and many PhD students. The Department's facilities are located on several levels within the last Cubes of the north-west side of the axis of the UNICAL bridge.

The DIMEG educational offer, variously articulated within its Degree Programs in Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering, is organized in order to guarantee students a solid basic education, supported by a rigorous scientific, technological and application profile, and a fertile link with industrial and service realities, aimed at immediate professional integration. The DIMEG study courses arouse considerable interest among young people who are preparing to undertake university studies because they reward merit and offer the foundations and premises for a rewarding and successful working future.

Thanks to the human and instrumental resources at its disposal, it is a reference structure in the regional, national and international panorama, for research, teaching, technology transfer and service to the territory in the field of Industrial Engineering and Services.

Always committed to achieving excellence in the fields of Mechanics, Energy and Management, the researchers of the Department assiduously carry out activities in the typically mechanical areas (cold and hot) and in the sectors of Materials Science, Industrial Plants, Systems Electrical for Energy, Economic-Management Engineering and Science of Decisions, with recognition of excellence in the national and international scenarios.