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The Department is organized into offices relating to General Services, Technical and IT Services, Education, Research, and Internationalisation.

The organizational structure of the Department follows the general lines indicated in the "Regulations for the Department of Mechanical, Energy, and Management Engineering", issued with Rector's decree on 19 JULY 2018, n. 1129.

The use of classrooms and laboratories is subject to the authorization of the Department Director. In all classrooms, it is possible to access the University wifi network using Eduroam credentials.

Department bodies

The Bodies of the Department are the Director, the Giunta, the Council, the Commissions, and the Degree Course Councils.


DIMEG Studios, Classrooms, Laboratories, and Meeting Rooms.

Staff services

Services and forms for personnel belonging to the Department of Mechanical, Energy, and Management Engineering.

Documents, Announcements, and Competitions

La pagina della trasparenza con i riferimenti al PAT e ai bandi pubblicati dal DIMEG.