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Additional Educational Obligations

To access the degree courses, a basic knowledge test is required. If the verification is not positive, specific additional educational obligations are indicated to be fulfilled within the first year of the course.

In particular, for the Degree Courses in Management Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, the TOLC-I carried out in TOLC@home mode, is used both for verifying initial preparation and for assigning any Additional Educational Obligations.

The Additional Educational Obligation (OFA) will be awarded to those who have not answered exactly at least 6 of the 20 questions in the "mathematics" section.

Failure to take the assessment test of adequate initial preparation (TOLC-I) is equivalent to its negative outcome, with the contextual attribution of the OFA to the absent student.

All those enrolled with compulsory education will be provided with a basic mathematics course (recommended to all students in any case), at the end of which a verification test will be carried out. Passing this verification test extinguishes the training obligation. In any case, compulsory education is considered extinguished by acquiring at least 6 credits in disciplines in the mathematics area (disciplinary scientific sectors from MAT/02 to MAT/09) within the first year.

Students who do not complete the educational obligation (bypassing the verification test or at least one first-year mathematics exam) will not be able to sit any second or third-year exam until the aforementioned obligation has been completed.